Layers of a delicious meat sauce, eggplant and potatoes topped with a béchamel cudstard and cheese topping.


Meat Sauce

1 pound lean ground beef (93% lean)

3 T butter

3 T onions chopped

1 C  plum tomato sauce

1 C red wine

1 C water

3-4 T parsley chopped

1 cinnamon stick.


1/2 C bread crumbs 

1 C grated Parmesan 

2-3 medium eggplants

4 large potatoes

Bechamel Sauce

6 T butter melted

1/2 C flour

4 C milk warm

2 eggs beaten

Pinch of nutmeg

Salt and pepper to taste


Oven temperature 400º F. Serves 6-8

In large dutch oven melt butter and add onions. Cook until golden. Add beef and cook until brown and crumbly. Add in tomato sauce, wine, water, salt, pepper, cinnamon stick. and parsley. Cover and cook for 1 hour over low heat.

Remove from heat. Add half the cheese and half of the bread crumbs then remove the cinnamon stick.

Béchamel Sauce

Blend melted butter with flour in sauce pan and whisk until mixture bubbles. Whisk in milk a cup at a time. Add in beaten eggs, pinch of nutmeg and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Cut eggplant and potatoes 1/4 inch thick.

Arrange half of the uncooked eggplant and potatoes in 8″ by 13″ baking pan with a sprinkle of the remaining bread crumbs. Spread the meat cheese mixture evenly over the eggplant and potatoes. Arrange remaining eggplant and potatoes over meat mixture and sprinkle with  crumbs. Pour white sauce evenly on top and sprinkle with remaining cheese and crumbs. 

Bake at 400º for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350º F and bake for additional 45 minutes. 

Cool slighly and serve with a krispy Greek salad.

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